For Crazy Riders Only.

Just kidding.

This ladder however is exactly what it sounds like. The highest rung is 8 minutes long. Awesome town!

——hope to ride with you



Saturday 4:30-6pm.

Text reservations recommended: 510 685 3130

Be amazed and fall more in love with life with every bead of sweat.



Hi all,

at this time of year, my interest is piqued in using hard interval sets to optimize all the endurance and strength we’ve been working on all year. I’ve had a request for a ladder set of intervals. Brilliant.

So, tonight we’ll warm up, get in a good 17 minute hill climb mostly out of the saddle, work a 6 minute seated progression to high HR, take a break, maybe get in another progression on a hill this time, and then, the ladder that will go up to 5 minutes at the longest point.

Be well fueled and rested and hydrated and psyched. And happy cuz it’s Wednesday. The Thirteenth.

Hope to see you there.

—luv Pat

Mobilicious Yoga.

4:30pm Berkeley Ironworks.




Have plenty of fuel in the tank for this workout. We’ve got FOUR Flying 40’s sets for this Wednesday night. We’ll warm up, then we’ll start the intervals sets. Between each of the 10 minute interval sets we’ll take a 5 minute break. Come fueled, and if in doubt bring some additional fuel/ drinks with you.

Hope you are up for it!


Hi all,

the first Monday of the month opportunity for extra cardio is tonight! Since most of us will be coming from Tempo class we will start with some easy climbs. We’ll get re-energized for a few awesome 10 minute interval sets (10 speeds & Flying 40s).

Hope to see you there!


Say, c’mon down and join me at BIW on Saturdays from 4:30 to 6pm for a yoga offering.




This Wednesday, we’re sticking with two Flying 40s sets AND we’re adding a ten minute set of 10 Speeds intervals. So, that’s a total of 30 minutes of interval training. The Flying 40s are for muscular endurance and quick recovery, and the 10 Speeds for developing a smooth and efficient cadence.


9 min warm up: 3 min blocks increasing effort every 3rd min


30 second jog 1 minute seated X 5


8 minute seated progression to high effort

2 min break


14 min Climb: 2 min seated 4 up/ 3 minute seated 5 up

3 minute break


10 minute 10 Speeds sets

Rest five minutes.


2 sets Flying 40s with 5 minutes break between each



Hi all,

We’ll get in plenty of warming up, and one of our usual 20 minute or so climbs mostly out of the saddle. After that, to enhance our muscular endurance we’ll be riding two Flying 40s intervals. They’re not easy. They’re hard. Really hard.


Dear all,

If you are accustomed to riding Monday night tempo class (5:30 p.m.), Pat will be subbing tonight. I have to work late and will miss you but see you a week from today.

Calling all those who are or may be interested in participating in the Berkeley Half Marathon in November! In addition to the 13.1 mile race, there is a 5k (3.1 mile) and relay. Our own instructor, Pat Ross, would like to anchor a leg of the relay. We are looking for others who are willing to train and give the race a try. As well, anyone who may be interested in running either distance solo, now is the time to write to me: I will create a distribution list for those who would like to receive ongoing information. Last year, no fewer than 8 members of our spinning program participated in the race. Anyone as fit as those who spin regularly can run a 5k. If you’ve never experienced being part of a race atmosphere, now is your chance.

Have a great week,


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