Here’s a good one! We did it last year in April to duplicate a race one of our fellow spinners was about to do….

Remember, you don’t need to consider it a race effort! You can consider it a nice course to ride….Hope to see you there!


13 minutes warming up to ME


6 minutes seated ME 

2 min spin 


6 minutes seated fast SFR (ME) 18 revs per 15 sec

2 min spin 


4 minutes seated slow SFR (ME) 12 revs per 15 sec 

2 min spin


6 minutes progression to AT1/ break

40 minute Cardiac race course (ride this like a race- as fast as you can from beginning to end):

6 minutes flat road

5 minutes Cardiac Climb- super steep (this will make or break your race) 

6 minutes flat road/ 2 minutes one solid turn on

 4 minutes flat road/ 2 minutes two solid turns on

 2 minutes flat road/2 minutes two solid turns on

 2 minutes flat road

5 minutes Cardiac Climb

4 minutes flat road to finish 


3 min free recovery

6 minutes gentle jogs to cool down

Hi all,

here’s a good solid workout.


8 minutes easy warm up: easy out of saddle jogs


8 minutes seated Tempo ME effort

Short break


8 minutes: progression in effort from ME to AT

2 min break


6 minute steady seated strong flat road Tempo (25-27 revs)

2 min jog


6 minute steady seated faster climb Tempo

2 min jog


6 minute steady seated slower climb (12) revs

2 min jog

Two Flying 40 sets: flat road resistance riding 40 seconds hard followed by 20 seconds off X 10

Go right into 5 minutes ME seated Tempo

3 minutes break between the two sets


Cool down

12:30- to 2pm.. It’s a wet Sunday….bring your chocolate rabbits….
I’m thinking the Terrific 12s intervals…
Hope to ride with you!

It’s not pizza and drinks, but it’s a damn fine workout…

—hope to see you there!!!

10 minutes warm up


6 minute flat road ME tempo

1 min break


5 minutes sprints set


6 minute seated climb ME tempo


2 min sprint set


10 X 2 Minute sets: 1 min medium effort followed by 1 minute hard pedaling with 1.5 min break between each


Medium effort climbing drills: 6 min seated climb tempo (18 revs) 2 min break

4 min heavy SFRs 2 min break


2 X 3 min hill repeats 2 min break between each/ cool down

Prizefighter plus Rotten City pizza…..

But first, we’ve got to workout:

12 minutes warming up


6 minutes ME flat road Tempo

1 minute jog


9 minutes flat road Tempo: 2 min ME 1 min AT effort X 3

2 min break 


6 min seated climb Tempo in ME (18 revs per 15 sec)

1 minute break 


9 min seated climb Tempo: 2 min ME 1 min AT effort X 3

2 min break 


2 X 4 min heavy SFRs in ME/ 2min spin between each


15 minute flat road Tempo: 4 min ME 1 AT/ 3 min ME 2 AT/ 2 min ME 3 AT


10 min flat road Tempo: 4 min ME 1 AT2 (out of saddle) X 2

Cool down 

15 minute warm up (focus on staying integrated)


8 minute flat road Tempo ME

2 min break


10 minute flat road Tempo ME with 30 second and 1 minute pulls

2 min break


8 minute faster seated climb Tempo (18 revs)

2 min break


10 minute seated Tempo ME with 30 second and 1 minute pulls

2 min break


16 minute set: 1 minute climbs out of saddle every 4 minute focus on staying integrated/smooth movements

2 min break

13 minute set: 3 min seated Tempo climb/ 3 min flat road Tempo/ 1 minute jog/ spin no resistance til the end…..



the specific workout is in the works, but the general idea is keeping it cool tonight…..

The focus will be on getting into that integrated zone where we can glide along strong and steady.

It’s hot (by our usual standards), so let’s keep it chill.


This Sunday: looks wet, wet, wet according to forecast. Join me for a good ride! 12:30 to 2pm BIW.

I’ll post the workout later today!



Hi all,

we are going to do the Magic 12 interval set tonight: three 12 minute sets with a steady effort- perhaps the first at medium effort, the second at a slightly uncomfortable above medium effort, and the third as hard as you can go for 12 minutes…..Yay!


14 min warm up


9 minute sprint set: 15” 20” 30”’s X 3


6 min seated faster SFR set in ME (18 revs)



8 min climbing set: 2 up 2 down 4 up (last 4 up load up resistance progressively)



3 X 12 minute sets: Each set progressively harder. First perhaps ME (80% max effort)/ Second perhaps FE (88% max effort/ Third ALL OUT (3 min breaks tween each)

Cool down….

Dear all,

As we approach a changing of the seasons, please note the following:

  1. Saturday classes end this coming week, March 25. The final class 2 hour class is from 12:30-2:30 with Wendy. During the month of April, if the wet weather continues, additional Saturday classes will be held depending on the forecast. Announcements of classes will be made on Spinnerblast. This is for April only.
  2. Beginning April 5, Wendy’s annual AIDS/Lifecycle series will repeat during the Wednesday morning, 6:30 a.m. classes. Each week will feature a day of the route from SF to LA (and back to SF). If you are doing the ride this year, supporting someone who is doing the ride, or just want to join the fun, mark April 5 on your calendar.
  3. BIW member and rider, Rob Hopcke, is hoping to sell and transfer his registration for the Grizzly Peak Century. Interested? Contact Rob at: rhh315@pacbell.net.


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