Hi all,

we’ll do plenty of warming up, and finish with a full 4 minute ladder set- going progressively longer on the way up, and progressively shorter on the way down. It’ll be awesome. Hope to ride with you!


12 minute warm up


12 minute climb: 2 up 2 down/ 3 up 2 down/ 4 up 2 down


9 minute set: 3 X 3 min blocks: LE+ ME+ AT1


12 minute set: 4X3 min blocks: LE+ ME+ AT1 + AT2/ 3 min break


Ladder up to 4 minutes: 1 min all out 2 min break/ 2 min all out 2 min break/ 3 min all out 3 min break/ 4 min all out 3 min break / 3 min all out 3 min break /2 min all out 2 min break/ 1 min all out 2 min break


9 minute set: 3 X 3 min blocks: AT1+ ME+ LE

Dear all,

As we draw closer to the fall season, hope this finds you well and enjoying the (hot) summer! This year, we’re going to shake things up a couple of times, once in September and again in November when we return to our winter/spring schedule. Here’s what’s coming effective September 1.

We are adding two one hour evening classes, on Tuesday and Thursday, from 6:45-7:45 p.m., for you folks who get out of work later or travel from a longer distance. Pat will lead these classes. Please note that we are canceling the first Monday of the month 6:40 p.m. class with Pat as we expand the schedule.

I will give you plenty of reminders approaching November. However, Saturday classes will return when we revert to standard time, with Gail and Wendy (me) rotating every other week. Pat will anchor Rainy Day Sundays with Gail as backup. And we will offer the usual holiday classes, too.

Please note that Monday, September 7, is Labor Day, all classes will be cancelled. Pat’s first Tuesday evening class begins the following day, 9/8.


Hope to see you there! —-Pat

10 minute warm up


12 minute Warm up sprint set:

5 sec X 1

10 sec X 2

15 sec X 4

30 sec X 5


8 minute steady ME flat road (23-27 revs per 15 seconds)


15 minute set: 3 minutes up 1 down/ 4 minutes up 1 down/ 6 minutes up 1 down

2 min break


7.5 minute steady ME flat road


5 minute ladder: 1 min all out 2 min break/ 2 min all out 2 min break/ 3 min all out 3 min break/ 4 min all out 3 min break/ 5 min all out

4 min spin followed by 4 minutes cool down climb- 1 min up/1 down

Spin cool down……


here’s a fun workout. Hope to see you there! —-Pat

5 min initial warm up


15 minute warm up block (warming up to hot by the last 5 min block):

5 min- 10 sec on/ 50 sec off

5 min- 20 sec on/ 40 sec off

5 min- 30 sec on/ 30 sec off


Ride into steady seated 10 min ME set


4 X 5 minute blocks:

3 min ME/ 1 min AT1/ 1 min AT2

3 min recovery between each 5 min block


Rolling climb:

3 up/ 2 down

4 up/ 2 down

5 up/ 2 down

6 up


Fast spin…..

Hope to see you there!


Hullo! Better late than never? here’s tonight’s workout:

5 minute warm up

8 minute seated progression

2 min break


10 minutes set at normal seated cadence (23-27 per 15 seconds) 3 minutes ME/ 2 minutes AT1 X 2

3 minutes break


8 minutes “fast” SFRs (15-18 revs per 15 seconds)

2 min break


4 minute slow SFR set (10-12 revs per 15 seconds)

2 min break


15 minute fast SFR set (15-18 revs)- 3 min lower effort level followed by 2 minutes higher effort level X 3

3 min break


3 times 8 seconds runs out of saddle with 52” break

a minute or two break


12 min set 30 sec lactic sprint/30 sec easy X 12 followed immediately by 8 min ME? AT? ???

Got extra BBQ to burn off? Tonight’s the night- right after Wendy’s 5:30pm spin, I’ll lead the 6:40 pm First Monday of the Month spin.

Hope to see you there!


I tried to hold them off for a few more weeks anyway. But, I’m succumbing to the inundation of ONE HOUR long non-stop high intensity effort requests.

So, tonight in the Berkeley Ironworks spin room, we’ll get in a 20 minute warm up, and then we’ll blast out of the gate and just keep going as hard as we can for one hour.

It’s on. Hope you come join the fun.


Lots of Pride partying going on ALLLL weekend. Mobilicious offers the perfect break in between your partying this weekend.

Saturday 4:30pm

meditation, yoga, core

Get rejuvenated to continue the party!

Dear all,

On Friday, July 3, we are offering a special 90 minute holiday spinning class with Mark Trotz. BIW will be on holiday hours with all regular classes cancelled. All are welcome to this first come, first serve Fourth of July ride. Here are the details:

Class time: 9:30-11:00 a.m. As usual, sign in at the front desk and pick up a bike tag. Bring plenty of water and other liquids plus whatever you may need for additional energy.

We are not pre-reserving bikes. However, to give us an indication of the level of interest, please send me an email if you’re planning to attend: wendy.georges@yahoo.com.


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