Lots of Pride partying going on ALLLL weekend. Mobilicious offers the perfect break in between your partying this weekend.

Saturday 4:30pm

meditation, yoga, core

Get rejuvenated to continue the party!

Dear all,

On Friday, July 3, we are offering a special 90 minute holiday spinning class with Mark Trotz. BIW will be on holiday hours with all regular classes cancelled. All are welcome to this first come, first serve Fourth of July ride. Here are the details:

Class time: 9:30-11:00 a.m. As usual, sign in at the front desk and pick up a bike tag. Bring plenty of water and other liquids plus whatever you may need for additional energy.

We are not pre-reserving bikes. However, to give us an indication of the level of interest, please send me an email if you’re planning to attend: wendy.georges@yahoo.com.



we’re taking a break from the Time Trial efforts. Last week we ran a thirty minute TT. We’re not going to take it easy this week. We’re just changing it up. The workout:

10 minutes warm up


12 minute climb: 2 up 2 down/ 3 up 2 down/ 3 up

2 min break


6 minute seated progression

2 min break


6 minute climbing progression

2 min break


Crazy 8s Ladder (46 min total) :

2 min on 2 min off

4 min on 3 off

6 min on 4 off

8 min on 5 off

4 min on 4 off

ONE min on/ 3 off.



Last week we ultimately rode a flat road resistance as hard as we could for 15 minutes. This week: 30 minutes.

We’ll warm up. Then do a short progression to high effort level, followed by a 15 minute cycling in and out of ME and AT1.

Then, we’ll hit the 30 minutes as hard as we can go on a flat road resistance plus rollers (every time trial has to have an overpass or two or 5 or sometimes even a small hill). The idea is to cover the as much distance as you can during the 30 minutes.

We’ll wind down with two 6 minute faster SFRS, then spin light and fast for about the last 4 to 5 minutes.

We can decide tomorrow if we want to do one more TT next week, and just how long we want it to be. An hour? An hour??



Dear all,

Our AIDS/Lifecycle Riders completed their journey from SF to LA yesterday. Congratulations to all as you return home covered in glory! Unfortunately, there will be no rest for the weary come Wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m. when we begin our 4 week series: the Death Ride, 129 miles of climbs/descents with grades exceeding 10%.

Here’s what the next four Wednesday classes hold:

6/10–Monitor Pass (8,314′) 42 miles up/down/up/down

6/17–Ebbetts Pass, (8,730′) 48 miles up/down/up/down

6/24–Carson Pass, (8,580′) 39 miles up/down

7/1–All 5 Passes in one (15,000′)

Join us!



here’s the workout for tomorrow (Weds 06/03):

10 min warm up


2 X 6 minute fast SFRS (18 revs per 15 seconds)

2 minutes break between each


3 X 4 minute slow SFRS (12 revs per 15 seconds)

2 minutes break between each


6 minute progression to AT1- seated, fast

2 min out of saddle break


15 minute set: 3 min ME + 2 min AT1 X 5

3 min break mostly out of saddle going easy


15 minute TT set (Flat road resistance, going as hard as can be sustained for 15minutes. Anerobic Threshold).


5 minutes cool down

Fireworks, rainbows, and unicorns.

I am so kidding.

This workout will be a good balance to Wendy’s tempo:

5 min warm up- plus 5 out of the saddle runs. Rider’s choice as to timing, length, and intensity.


2 X 6 minute fast SFRS (18 revs per 15 seconds)

2 minutes break between each


2 X 4 minute slow SFRS (12 revs per 15 seconds)

2 minutes break between each


5 minutes- plus 5 runs out of the saddle. Rider’s choice as to timing, length, and intensity.


6 minute progression to AT1- seated, fast


10 minutes Flying 40s

5 minutes off / cool down

Say! Come on down and get an extra hour of spin this Monday June 1st. I’ll be running the once a month extra hour of spin!

Sure hope to ride with you.


Dear all,

Join us tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. for the final ride in our series. On Sunday, 5/31, our BIW contingent will depart from the Cow Palace in SF to begin their weeklong journey south to LA. Months of training, fundraising and hard work in spinning classes has prepared them for this moment. You are all invited to share in the fun. Our honor role:

Mikhaila Amora

Rainier Amora

George Beier

Mike Dickman (honorary member)

Ian Hull

Anita Liboff.

We have new music, gifts for our riders and a challenging class planned, all are welcome!


For Crazy Riders Only.

Just kidding.

This ladder however is exactly what it sounds like. The highest rung is 8 minutes long. Awesome town!

——hope to ride with you


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