Dear all,

Happy Holidays to everyone! Our schedule will be altered over the next two weeks, please note the following:

  • Monday/Tuesday classes will remain on the regular schedule into 2015
  • Wednesday classes are the three hour advanced reservation “parties” run by Pat (12/24) and Gail/Gabrielle (12/31). The gym is on holiday hours both days and closes early. Both special classes are full
  • Thursdays, 12/25 and 1/1, the gym is closed
  • Fridays, 12/26 and 1/2, the gym is on holiday hours, all classes are cancelled
  • Saturday, 12/27, 2 hour class, 7-9 a.m., is with Pat. (Rainy Day Sunday will be in effect this weekend)

Good wishes to all and safe travels,


FUN. Really. Seriously. Come on down for an awesome workout that has everything but the kitchen sink. Hope to see you there. —-Pat

10 minute warm up


13 minute Warm up sprint set:

5 sec X 2

10 sec X 2

15 sec X 4

30 sec X 5

2 min break


8 minute steady ME flat road (23-27 revs per 15 seconds)

2 min break


Climb: Take 2 to 3 minutes to establish seated climbing cadence 18 revs per 15 seconds.

15 minute set: 3 minutes up 1 down/ 4 minutes up 1 down/ 6 minutes up 1 down

2 min break


8 minute steady ME flat road

5 minute ladder: 1 min all out 2 min break/ 2 min all out 2 min break/ 3 min all out 3 min break/ 4 min all out 3 min break/ 5 min all out


Spin cool down……

Hi Spinners, Join two of your fellow artist spinners for a cool holiday sale.

Anita Liboff and Berit Block are teaming up to show their pottery and jewelry at Anita’s house. Join us for food, drink and great holiday shopping. (Marc and Wendy are kitchen help!)

Saturday, December 13, 2014, 12pm-6pm
1886 San Ramon Ave, Berkeley, CA
Call Anita at 510-393-2976 for information/directions

Hope to see you Saturday!

Hey! Come on down for a super fun ride! Hope to see you there!—–Pat

10 min warm up- easy jogs


5 min sprint set: 10 second run out of saddle X 5


10 min progression to AT1


6 min climb: 2 up 2 down 2 up / 2 min spin rest


6 X 15 sec sprints alternating up and down


6 min climb: 1 down 2 up X 2 / 2 min spin rest


12 minutes of the Best Worst Sprints EVARR!!

18 min climb: 1 down 2 up/ 1 down 3 up/ 1 down 4 up/ 1 down 5 up / 2 min rest

10 minuted seated progression from steep hill to flying fast legs downhill….

Dear riders,

This is turning out to be a remarkable year for our three holiday classes, which have never booked as fast as in 2014. As of yesterday, the New Year’s Eve class on Wednesday, 12/31, is full, with a waiting list of 7. Given that it is highly unlikely for that many people to drop out, I am closing the waiting list. Everyone who responded to yesterday’s Spinnerblast should have received confirmation from me by now.

As for Christmas Eve class, 12/24, only three bikes remain available. If you are considering joining the class, do not delay in contacting me to reserve a place. Please, everyone, write to me directly (do not use the comment section here):

Correction: in yesterday’s message I stated the classes take place on consecutive Thursdays. In fact, the actual holidays are on Thursday, both of our classes take place on Wednesday. Thanks, everyone, for supporting our program!


Hi all,

the first Monday of the month spin opportunity is here again! Come on down for Wendy’s Tempo at 5:30 and my extra class at 6:40 pm.

My class at 6:40 will be sprint sets alternating with hill sets.

—sure hope to ride with you!!


Dear all,

The reservations list is now open for the Christmas Eve/New Year’s Eve classes. You may sign up for one, the other or both, by contacting me:

Both classes take place on consecutive Thursday mornings, 12/24 and 12/31, from 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. They are each three hours long. As usual, Pat will lead the Christmas Eve class (12/24). In a break from tradition, this year, Gail and Gabrielle will team up to co-lead the New Year’s Eve class.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and weekend! A reminder that today is the first Monday of the month and we will offer two spinning classes: tempo, at 5:30 with Wendy, followed by a second hour long class with Pat, which begins at 6:40.


C’mon down to BIW for a really good post Thanksgiving day spin from 12:30 – 2 (that’s tomorrow, Nov. 30th)!

See y’all soon!


Hey all!

yes, the gym closes at 6pm Weds the 26th. HOWEVER, I’ll be there running a pre-turkey total burn spin class starting at 4pm. Join me!!! —Pat

6 minute warm up


6×15 second sprints with every other one out of the saddle with 45 seconds between each


6 min seated progression to AT/ 2min break


6 minute 18 revs per 15 seconds SFRs with last minute acceleration

2 min break

6 min out of saddle climb (establish 18 revs cadence first)

2 min break


30 seconds on/ 30 seconds off X 5


4 minute 12 revs per 15 seconds SFRs with last 10 seconds as a standing acceleration

2 min break

4 min out of saddle climb (establish 12 revs cadence first)

2 min break tween each


3 X three minute All Out efforts/ 3 min break tween each


8 minute set: Establish 18 revs SFR cadence- then, gain momentum (speed up as fast as possible)

3 minute spin break


8 second run with 52 seconds off X 2 to 4


Cool down

Dear all,

Here is a reminder of the changes in schedule during the holiday week:

1) Pat’s Wednesday evening class is from 4:00-5:30 p.m. The gym closes at 6 p.m.

2) BIW is closed on Thanksgiving Day unless you are registered for the holiday class.

3) The gym is on holiday hours Friday, all classes are cancelled.

4) Saturday morning class is 7:00-9:00 a.m. with Pat as the instructor.

5) Rainy Day Sunday will be in effect if there is a change in the forecast.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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