Hullo! here’s the workout ( better late than never?)——-Pat

14 minute warm up


6 minute progression to AT1

2 min break


18 min climb:

1 down 2 up

1 down 3 up

1 down 4 up

1 down 5 up


6 minutes ME+ 3 min AT/ 2 to 3 min break


4 times 4 min slow/heavy SFRs (10 revs per 15 seconds) with 10 second out of the saddle sprint at the end

  • min break tween each


6 minute ME+ 2 min AT


reminding you that if you’ve got stuff to burn off, sweat out, and wring out, the once a month Monday night extra spin is here. C’mon down for Wendy’s Tempo class followed by my 1 hour class. (5:30pm for Wendy’s and 6:40pm for mine). C’mon down for both classes or either. Sure hope to ride with you! —–Pat

Hi all,

Come on down and get in the Zen of steady high end effort levels. Hope to ride with you—-Pat (remember, as always, the effort levels are just suggestions. Listen to your body, your coach, your doctor. You are very welcome to come and ride the workout at the effort level that is right for you.)

12 minute warm up


8 minute ME seated TT style/ 2 min off


8 minute progression to AT1/ 2 min off


3 X 10 minute AT1 with last two minutes AT2/ 4 minutes recovery between each


2 x 2 minutes ALL OUT/ 3 minutes break between each


6 minutes to cool down…..


this is a race prep workout that was designed for me to ride on a Wednesday to prepare for a rolling, flat fast 60 mile road race course on Saturday. There were lots of sprint points peppered throughout. This should be fun. Sure hope to ride this with you. —–Pat

12 min warm up


12 min ME set/ 2 min rest


5 x 30 sec high speed cadence + 30 seconds off

1-2 min transistion


12 min ME set/ 2 min rest


5 x 30 sec high speed cadence + 30 seconds off

2 min transition


5 x 8 second out of the saddle sprints + 52 seconds easy

2 min transisition


4 x 3 min AT1 with full 15 sprint/ 3 min break between each


Spin it out…..

Hi all,

looking forward to this. Sure hope to ride with you! —-Pat

10 minute Warm up


8 min ME 23-27 revs per 15 seconds/2 min break


8 min progression through ME to AT1 23-27 revs/ 2 min break


20 minute block: (5 times 30 sec lactic/30 sec recovery followed immediately by 5 min ME + 5 minutes with optional lactic bursts followed immediately by 5 minutes steady AT1)

3 min rest


6 minute SFR in ME 18 revs per 15 seconds / 2 min break


3 X 4 minute SFR in AT 18 revs per 15 seconds/ 2 min break


8 minutes 112+ rpm (28 revs or faster per 15 seconds)


Cool down

Hullo! here’s a good solid workout. I hope to see you there. —-Pat

5 minutes warming up

4 minute seated warm up climbing

8 minute seated flat progression in effort (finish in AT1) 1 minute break

15 minute climb: 3 down + 2 up/ 2 down+3 up/ 1 down + 4 up

3 minutes break

15 minute seated set: 3 min ME+2 AT1/ 2 min ME+3 AT1/ 1 min ME+ 4 min AT1

3 minutes break

Stabilize on flat ME road for about 6 minutes

17 minute seated set: 3 min ME+2 AT1/ 2 min ME+10 min AT1

3 minutes break

Stabilize on flat ME road for about 6 minutes

finish up on a fast fast spin….

Hi all,

there’s extra spin tonight! There’s the usual 5:30 Tempo followed by the extra 6:40pm class! Take one! Take both! Hope to see you there—-Pat


to finish off this epic month of intense Weds workouts, we’ve got an hour long time trial. The inspiration is the Tour de France, and a TT course that I have raced. It started with a short flat section (about 5 minutes worth), and then about a 5 minute steep climb, and a descent followed by 15 minutes of rolling flats. It was an out and back course so the return trip was 15 minutes of rolling flats, followed by a 10 minute climb, 2 minute flying descent, and 5 minutes of flats to the finish.

This is going to be epic. —-Pat

20 minute pre-race warm up

Hour long TT (the goal is to ride the course as fast as you can ):

5 minute flat

5 minute out of the saddle steep climb/ 3 minute fast down hill

30 minutes rolling flats (think Wendy’s Tempo class)

10 minute climb/ 2 minutes fast descent

5 minutes flat to the FINISH

10 minutes to decompress



So last week’s posted workout didn’t happen ‘cuz I was out sick….Gail Hotten stepped up, and rocked you with her style of awesomeness. This week, I’d sure like to run the workout that I had planned for last week. Come join! Sure hope to see you there. —luv, Pat

Hi, this is an awesome mix of everything challenging that we do on a spin bike. —-Pat

6 minute warm up


6×15 second sprints with every other one out of the saddle with 45 seconds between each


6 min seated progression to AT/ 2min break


6 minute 18 revs per 15 seconds SFRs with last minute acceleration

2 min break

6 min out of saddle climb (establish 18 revs cadence first)

2 min break


30 seconds on/ 30 seconds off X 5


4 minute 12 revs per 15 seconds SFRs with last 10 seconds as a standing acceleration

2 min break

4 min out of saddle climb (establish 12 revs cadence first)

2 min break tween each


3 X three minute All Out efforts/ 3 min break tween each


8 minute set: Establish 18 revs SFR cadence- then, gain momentum (speed up as fast as possible)

3 minute spin break


8 second run with 52 seconds off X 2 to 4


Cool down

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