Dear riders,

Happy fall season! As we get closer to November and the changing of clocks, so too, our class schedule is about to shift. Some of the changes are familiar and others are new, so read on.

1)  Effective November 6, we are canceling the Thursday evening, 5:30 p.m., class.

2)  Starting November 1, Saturday classes will return. Pat and Wendy will alternate weekly, beginning with Pat on 11/1. Classes run from 7:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early using the staircase since the gym is otherwise closed.

3) Rainy Day Sundays will also return in November, details to follow. The weekend schedules for both Saturdays/Sundays run through March 31 unless we have an unpredictably long, wet winter and early spring and decide to extend them through April.

4) Thanksgiving Day class is back this year, from 8:00-10:30 a.m., with Wendy teaching. Signups begin 11/1, you will receive notice that morning in order to reserve your spot.

5) The traditional “Eves” classes return on consecutive Thursday mornings, from 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Pat will teach the Christmas Eve class on 12/24. However, this year, our New Year’s Eve class/party will be co-led by Gail and Gabrielle. Sign-ups begin 12/1, you will receive notice then in order to reserve a spot in either class or both.

Any questions? Contact me: Looking forward to seeing many of our “seasonal” friends in just a few weeks!


For those of us who can’t make the Giants game tonight, we’ve got an awesome workout to ride…We’re taking a break from the hills and working high end efforts on the flats….Sure hope to see you there! —Pat (Win again tonight Giants!!!)

Hi all,

This Wednesday night we’ll mix up the all out efforts that we’ve been working on with climbs and spin breaks. It’ll be awesome. Sure hope to see you there!


Once a month only! Give your metabolism a boost by changing tonight’s workout up with an extra hour of spin! Hope to see you there! —–Pat

Hi all,

please come down for this one. It’s an awesome workout that gets you all warmed up for the final 4 minutes all out ladder set. Sure hope to see you there!—–Pat

12 minute warm up


12 minute climb: 2 up 2 down/ 3 up 2 down/ 4 up 2 down


9 minute set: 3 X 3 min blocks: LE+ ME+ AT1


12 minute set: 4X3 min blocks: LE+ ME+ AT1 + AT2/ 3 min break


Ladder up to 4 minutes: 1 min all out 2 min break/ 2 min all out 2 min break/ 3 min all out 3 min break/ 4 min all out 3 min break / 3 min all out 3 min break /2 min all out 2 min break/ 1 min all out 2 min break


9 minute set: 3 X 3 min blocks: AT1+ ME+ LE

Hi all,

this one looks fun…..sure hope to see you there!—-Pat

5 min initial warm up


15 minute warm up block (warming up to hot by the last 5 min block):

5 min- 10 sec on/ 50 sec off

5 min- 20 sec on/ 40 sec off

5 min- 30 sec on/ 30 sec off


Ride into steady seated 10 min ME set


4 X 5 minute blocks:

3 min ME/ 1 min AT1/ 1 min AT2

3 min recovery between each 5 min block


Rolling climb:

3 up/ 2 down

4 up/ 2 down

5 up/ 2 down

6 up


Fast spin…..

Hullo! here’s the workout ( better late than never?)——-Pat

14 minute warm up


6 minute progression to AT1

2 min break


18 min climb:

1 down 2 up

1 down 3 up

1 down 4 up

1 down 5 up


6 minutes ME+ 3 min AT/ 2 to 3 min break


4 times 4 min slow/heavy SFRs (10 revs per 15 seconds) with 10 second out of the saddle sprint at the end

  • min break tween each


6 minute ME+ 2 min AT


reminding you that if you’ve got stuff to burn off, sweat out, and wring out, the once a month Monday night extra spin is here. C’mon down for Wendy’s Tempo class followed by my 1 hour class. (5:30pm for Wendy’s and 6:40pm for mine). C’mon down for both classes or either. Sure hope to ride with you! —–Pat

Hi all,

Come on down and get in the Zen of steady high end effort levels. Hope to ride with you—-Pat (remember, as always, the effort levels are just suggestions. Listen to your body, your coach, your doctor. You are very welcome to come and ride the workout at the effort level that is right for you.)

12 minute warm up


8 minute ME seated TT style/ 2 min off


8 minute progression to AT1/ 2 min off


3 X 10 minute AT1 with last two minutes AT2/ 4 minutes recovery between each


2 x 2 minutes ALL OUT/ 3 minutes break between each


6 minutes to cool down…..


this is a race prep workout that was designed for me to ride on a Wednesday to prepare for a rolling, flat fast 60 mile road race course on Saturday. There were lots of sprint points peppered throughout. This should be fun. Sure hope to ride this with you. —–Pat

12 min warm up


12 min ME set/ 2 min rest


5 x 30 sec high speed cadence + 30 seconds off

1-2 min transistion


12 min ME set/ 2 min rest


5 x 30 sec high speed cadence + 30 seconds off

2 min transition


5 x 8 second out of the saddle sprints + 52 seconds easy

2 min transisition


4 x 3 min AT1 with full 15 sprint/ 3 min break between each


Spin it out…..

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