Hey Spinners! – The gym recently added a Tuesday evening class to give you more opportunities for your weekday workout, And….they adjusted the time to make it a little easier for commuters!  Please help get the word out, and please come join in the fun!  

Tonight’s workout is all about hills! After a little warm-up, we hit a short/fast aerobic hill, with brief accelerations to get our heart-rates up.  After briefly stabilizing our efforts we will have a slightly longer hill effort – a little steeper/more resistance with a steady increase in effort/heart rate.  Brief recovery and then on to a longer more sustained hill.  As with all of the classes this month – we are borrowing a page from Team Sky’s training book (“We put in hard efforts throughout, but we save the all-out efforts until the end of our workout”).  

Let’s have some fun, and I hope to see you tonight!!

Cheers – BB  

Tonight we will continue to focus on some accelerated pieces.  We will do some 2 minute pieces at  10 to 15 percent above baseline effort.  We will also do a couple of short climbs and some runner’s drills.

Come on down for a well rounded fun workout.

Hi all,

Wednesday’s 5:30pm class is the first in a series of Time Trial training workouts. The goal by the 4th workout (April 30th) is to run a time trial effort level for 30 minutes.  Here’s the first workout to get you set for that. Hope to ride it with you. —–Pat

10 minute warm up


 3 x 8 sec runs out of saddle plus 52 recovery tween each


15 minute climb: 3 min down/ 2 up

                             2 min down/ 3 up

                             1 min down/ 4 up


6 minute ME TT style

 3 x 8 sec runs out of saddle plus 52 recovery tween each


15 minute set with three 5 minute blocks:

3 minutes seated ME TT style plus 2 minutes seated AT1 TT X 3

3min break


 3 x 8 sec runs out of saddle plus 52 recovery tween each


15 minute set with three 5 minute blocks:

2 min ME/ 3 min AT1 X 2

1 min ME/ 4 min AT1

3 min break


4 to 6 min progression to AT


Cool down…..

Hi all,

Demented Monday is only once a month- don’t miss it! After Wendy’s tempo class I’ll be offering some awesome rolling climbs and some scorching high end speed efforts.

Really hope to ride with you. ——Pat

Come on down for a relatively flat spin, with a couple of small climbs.  We will focus on some one minute higher cadence pieces.  There will be a little bit of climbing .  It will be fun

Hi all,

This Wednesday is the first one of the month, so we’ll start with a reset workout. I don’t have any high intensity planned- just a good solid medium endurance workout. C’mon down and ride! —-Pat

Dear all,

Every year we are fortunate to have members participate in the annual AIDS Ride. In addition to putting in hours of training, the riders engage in rigorous charitable fundraising. For the second consecutive year, Rainer Amora and Ian Hull are doing the AIDS ride. However, this year, they will be joined by Rain’s sister, Mikhaila. These three are fixtures in our morning classes. I am attaching a photo along with their individual web pages. Whoever is able and wishes to contribute, here is your opportunity.

Inline image 1

Dear all,

April is here and with it a few changes of the spinning schedule mentioned in a previous post. To remind you:

  • Effective today, we are adding a Tuesday evening class, beginning at 6:00 p.m., with Bobby. This class is one hour in length and begins slightly later to give commuters more time to arrive, as well as to synchronize better with Pat’s core class.
  • Saturday morning classes are officially over. However, given the possibility of rain this month, we will take a Rainy Day Sunday approach to Saturday mornings. If on Friday morning rains are predicted for the following day, we will send a Spinnerblast announcement of a class by midday Friday. This will only apply to April.
  • Rainy Day Sundays will also continue through April with class announcements coming through Spinnerblast.
  • Next Monday, 4/7, is the first Monday of the month, so Pat will follow Wendy’s tempo class for an additional hour beginning at 6:40 p.m. You may take one class, or the other, or both.


Hi all,

Looks like a wet Saturday from beginning to end. The good news is that you can come on down for a 2 hour ride with me in the BIW spin room. The workout starts at 7am. Please get there 10 minutes early if you can to get set. Come on down for a nice ride!!! ——Pat

This Thursday, we will split the class into thirds.
The first third we will concentrate on high cadence efforts after a warm up. The middle part of the class we will be climbing and the final third we will come back down and and we will find a high cadence pace with some 1 and 2 minute sustained higher cadence efforts.

I hope some of you can make it.

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